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Thats all. Buy it, seriously

Too good!

This game is just so good i cant stop playing! Highly recommend it to all gamers.


This game is the best game I have ever played on my phone. it is amazing. Everything is the best, the fighting ,the story ,the creatures and items Everything. I highly recommend this game it is definitely worth the price


After playing this game for a while I found myself become depressed that there werent any other games like it on the AppStore. Its like a Dont Starve in space!

Good game but

Amazing game but crashes pretty often (plz fix) other than that amazing game 20 out of 10

Great game

It is an amazing game, multiplayer would make the game even better

Dont overlook this game.

In all honesty, Im not much of a guy for playing games on my phone, especially since there isnt very many that are any good on the AppStore. Most games Ive end up buying, Id delete within the next 2-3 days because they didnt really grab me. When I saw this game, I assumed id be wasting my money as well but Id give it a try, and I was wrong. This is hands down the best game on the AppStore Ive ever played, and its consumed 20+ hours so far which is A LOT for just an IOS game. It may seem dull at first, and not worth your money, but once you get into it, theres no flaws to it. Everything is perfected and I havent come across one problem. These guys know how to make a game. But lets talk about the gameplay. You are trying to survive on a planet because your ship got destroyed, and your goal (in the game) is to find a new battery to power up your ship once again and finish delivering the packages you still have. But, here you are collecting resources to build your own shelter, kill and collect the goods from creatures, and even breed your own. While progressing through the storyline. Yes, aside from crafting weapons, gear, items, etc. There isnt much side stuff to do, but the main missions and the rewarding experience of collecting resources for your own use is good enough. You need this game.


Updated review after latest patch Map is no longer a disaster. It has improved a lot, and it would have been the main reason to increase the rating from 2 to 3 stars in this review, but since i STILL cannot complete a quest called GRASPING FURGRASPS, it stays on 2 stars. Other points still valid below. Procedurally generated map is big for nothing, exploration is not rewarded at all, just the same enemies with higher levels that one-shot you. And the end game is all that, either you one shot the enemy, or kite it for 20 minutes or you get one shot.

Wow, just wow.

Huge varied world to explore, lots of fun quests. Unique resources to collect, items to craft and wildlife to fight, or tame as pets. Everything tied together with a cohesive (albeit silly) story from beginning to end. Bravo!

Best mobile game EVER made

This is the best game in the history of the AppStore. I usually only write reviews for a game until I complete it all the way through and I am certainly nowhere near the end of this massive gaming masterpiece. I have been playing for 20+ hours and only scratched the gooey surface. I will most assuredly write a full review once I beat the game (storyline at least), but I just couldnt wait to let the world know how much I love this game‼️‼️ not only is this the greatest game in the entire history of any AppStore, Crashlands is the most mind blowingly phenomenal mobile gaming experience Ive ever had since the mid 90s with the release of the original Pokemon red and blue!!! Im panting on an iPod 5 and Despite having a mildly frustrating crash problem (giggity), there is no better game on the planet‼️‼️‼️‼️

Dont buy

Waste of my money, dont waste your money on this game either.

Amazing game

One of the best games I have ever played. This game is probably right next to fallout 4 and gta 5. I have spent around 60 hours on this game already. I just hope the developers release a new update soon so I can keep playing

Good game but

The game is really good and all but I think you should add local multiplayer mode keep up the work!

Absolutely worth the price - buy now!

Im usually extremely cheap when it comes to iPhone games, so spending five whole dollars was a bit of a splurge. Crashlands is 10,000% worth it! Its finally a good building/battling RPG that doesnt rely on the whole build this thing and wait 24 hours to collect or pay $1 and collect now schtick. Its perfect for picking up and playing whenever you want, as long as you want. You could beat the whole game in one sitting if you wanted! (Although, I dont recommend it - Im 50 hours in and about to beat my first play through, and I think thats a bit intense for one sitting!) This is easily my favorite iPhone game!


This game is amazing, totally worth the $5! I might even pay more for it. Its the best game to pass time or to even spend your free time. Love it, keep it up!!

Didnt really enjoy the game

Just my opinion and people could disagree but I did not enjoy the game as much as I thought I would after seeing the pictures and video gameplay. Not much interest in the story, crafting style mechanics, or any of the gameplay for the matter. I wish I could have a refund if at all possible.


This is by far the most fun Ive ever had in a mobile crafting based game. All I can say is I love it and it is so hard to put down. This game will envelop you in its charming graphics, funny characters, and exhilarating combat. My point is...BUY THIS GAME NOW! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

What else could I possibly rate it?

Just to be clear, I havent logged onto the game in months but I definitely plan to do so today. With that said, I have well over 10 hours into the game, which only strengthens the idea that Butterscotch Shenanigans never fails. I dont remember how much I paid for the game but I do remember not regretting it. Also theres 0 in app purchases which is really refreshing. The art is cute and colorful. The humor is awkward and chuckle worthy (both good things). The characters have character. The action is...the one lacking area. For an action game, the action is incredibly tedious and boring, which is a real shame since everything else is near perfect. I do also wish there were more side missions and other things I can build unrelated to the story or just leveling up my gear. This game has almost everything hit spot on except for diversity and action. The diversity I can let go of since this is the first time Butterscotch took a huge step like this but Rampage had better action so not forgiven. All in all, this game earned its five star rating and praise but still fell a little short in some categories for me to give 5 as well.


I dont review games often, but when i do. The games amazing

For people who are unsure, read this.

I never played any games developed by this company, or any game similar to this one. I simply bought it because of the reviews and mild interest. It is 100% worth the five bucks and it will have you playing non stop for a while. Do it.

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